Så kom Tim Daly også på holdkortet. En helt vild 7 dages periode, som startede med Shanne Hanna, blev afsluttede igår med udmeldingen om at Tim Daly gør Charlie Sarault selskab, og også er at finde i Rungsted trøjen den kommende sæson. En suveræn arbejds indsats af klubbens ledelse har sikrede at Ligaens mest point scorende back fra mesterskabs holdet er tilbage. RSC medie team har talt med Tim, og fået følgende kommentar til hans tilbagevenden til Rungsted.

As I wrote to Charlie, it has been quite a week for the sponsors and fans  in Rungsted and just as we thought the news couldn’t get any bigger after Cherlie´s signing, the front office makes it official that also you, have signed for the coming season. How did this come to be?

I’ve been in contact with Rungsted for a long time this offseason. With all the craziness of corona virus and uncertainty of where to play for the upcoming season, it seemed more and more likely that I should come back to Rungsted. Charlie and I were messaging each other saying how great it would be to come back together and then things starting moving fast and we both got our deals done.

How have you coped with this Corona krises and how has it affected your possibilities to stay in shape in this long offseason?

The corona crisis hasn’t affected my ability to train this off season as I use a private gym. With hockey being stopped early last season it made the off season way too long and I’m really excited to get back to playing hockey soon.

There is no doubt that with the profiles the team has signed there will be a lot of pressure on the team. What are your thoughts on this?

Last time I was in rungsted I had no idea what to expect from our team or the other teams in the league for that matter. This time I expect us to be one of the best and hopefully we can have the same success. The pressure will be good for us it will make sure we are working hard in practice and not taking anything for granted so we can perform our best for the fans every.

Can you put some words on your choice to return to Rungsted?

I’m beyond excited to be returning to rungsted it was such an incredible experience last time I was here. The people are so great and make you feel so welcome. It was a very easy decision to come back and I can’t wait to get the season started and play some hockey again!