RSC media team har fanget Shane Hanna til en reaktion på hans forlængelse hos de forsvarende mestre.

Hey Shane. Today Rungsted fans were treated to fantastic news when it was made official that you will be returning to Rungsted for the coming season.

What was the deal maker for your decision to return? How much of a feeling of wanting to finish what you started last season play in, not having played playoffs and so forth?

First off I just wanted to say I’m excited to be back in a Rungstead sweater for the upcoming season. I’ve met so many great people within the organization & the culture around the team really solidified the idea of coming back. It appears we have another competitive team in the works. Playoff hockey is something special, and missing it the last couple seasons makes me that much more hungry to get to it. That being said we have a long road ahead starting with training camp/exhibition to get through first.

You were the highest scoring D man in the danish league as well as one of the most played players. Do you feel any pressure at all to have to bring the same kind of season or even better with your return to Rungsted?

As a competitive athlete I want to have my best season every season and doing whatever it takes to help the team win is the number one goal. It is good to reflect on last season but ultimately last year is last year and everyone starts with a clean slate. As pressure goes, it is always there no matter what you do. I believe you can either be afraid of it or feed off it. This season I feel like I have a better grasp on what to expect coming in. I think the teams best hockey was in the second half of the season as well as mine so hopefully we can build off that. I’m sure you’ve heard me say team success feeds personal success. Lastly, to me numbers aren’t super important it’s all about being able to win the last game.

How have you spent your summer at home and what have you done to stay in shape in what has been an extremely long off-season? Has it been difficult with ask the Corona restrictions?

With Covid going on much of my summer has been spent at home with family. Of course it is a little disappointing to not be able to do all the things I wanted to but following the guidelines of the province is important and I’ll save those things for next summer. I am very fortunate that I have a good home gym setup to be able to do my workouts in as well as a field nearby for additional training. As the summer has progressed restrictions have opened up and I have been able to get on the ice a few times to work on the craft so far.

I look forward to getting back to Bitcoin arena to see teammates, staff, owners and fans.

Hvis vi siger CHARLIE.... SHANE IS BACK