Hey TJ. You are back home far to early, as many hockey players around the world. Can you take us through the chaotic last days here in Denmark and your first days back home?

For me, the last days of the season were chaos. I think that is the best word to describe it. As an American, I became worried about my travel home once we realized that the US borders would be closed for the foreseeable future. There was a lot of stress and we ended up getting on a plane the day after our league cancelled the playoffs. We were hopeful that we would still be able to play, but in the days leading up to the cancellation of felt more and more that we would have a playoff. It is unfortunate on many levels as this creates issues for clubs on the business side of things and robs the players and fans of what would be an exciting playoff. With that being said, I think that everyone agrees the health of the general population is more important than any hockey game so I feel relieved to be in isolation at home with my family and we anxiously await the end of the virus and resume our normal lives.

The season ended so suddenly and without any playoffs and no champion being crowned. As a hockey player what kind of feeling are you left with after this closing on the season?

With the season ending early and not being able to play a playoff to find a champion, I feel really upset. Our team, as with every other hockey team, worked since august to create a style of game that could win playoff series. It is such a unique feeling because I don’t have the heartbreak of a loss or the great feeling of a win, but instead there’s just a feeling of disbelief that the world has been so harshly affected by this virus. My mind has quickly switched from hockey to the health of myself and my family, but when I think about the season it just has a blank spot which will never be filled in and I find that to be pretty sad for us, all the fans, and everyone else involved with our league.

Now that you have had some time to get back home and settle in, have you had time to reflect on the season, and what has come out of these reflections?

For this season overall I am really happy that I had the chance to play in Rungsted, and to create memories with the teammates I had there. I made some great friends, and had a lot of fun. On the ice I always want to improve the ways in which I help my team, so I don’t think I can ever be satisfied with my game. This off season I will work hard to get better as a hockey player. I just really wish that I could have had the opportunity to make a run in the playoffs with the guys in that locker room, but obviously that can’t happen.

Are you satisfied with your season as a whole, are there things your especially pleased with or not so pleased with?

Overall, my time in Rungsted was very beneficial to me as a hockey player and a person. The community around the team was great, and the leadership in the locker room made it a positive place to play. I wish Friberg and everyone involved in the business side of the club the best of luck as they do their best to fix the situation that has been put in front of them. Stay healthy!

As is the case every year your reflections usually lead to clearity for wishes for the coming season. and though it is early and the entire hockey world is set on the other end, and many clubs may be fighting for survival, could you see yourself in the Danish Metalliga another year? or are thoughts about looking for a chance in another league something that could be more interesting for you at this point in your career?

For my future, I have no idea what my path will hold. As I sit in quarantine at home with my family, I have no idea what to expect simply because there are so many questions left unanswered. No one really knows how this situation will play out over the next few months and how that will effect the business side of clubs in Denmark and across Europe. Hopefully things will be resolved quickly so we can’t get back to our more simple pleasure of hockey.





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