RSC Media team har fået en kort snak med Rungsted's nok bedste spiller igennem 2019/2020 sæsonen, Shane Hanna.

You are back Home a lot earlier than you planned after this Carona virus has shut down pretty much the entire world. Can you take us through your final days I Rungsted and your return home?

Slowly as the delays started coming out and other leagues were starting to shut down it became apparent that the Metal Liga would also. After the US announced the partial travel ban my family started to get concerned that Canada would follow suit quickly and wanted me to get back. I got on a plane relatively quickly and then did my 14 day quarantine at home.

You didn’t play playoffs last year and I know how much you were looking forward to a playoff run this season. What kind of a feeling are you left with as a professional hockey player having the entire season end just before the playoffs?

With health and safety being a priority it makes perfect sense to have the season cancelled. As a hockey player, for me at least it was a tough blow. As I have said in previous interviews you work so hard though the summer and the season to make yourself the best version for playoffs. I feel as a team and individuals we were doing just that. Leaving the what if’s on the table just doesn’t seem right. I talked with the some teammates and it was a strange feeling not knowing your last game win or lose you, whether it be celebratory or disappointing.

Your season as a whole was excellent, top scorer for the club and really a prolific player in the league. Are you satisfied with the team and your performance overall with the season that was played?

I think one of the keys to being a successful is to never be satisfied and demand more and more from yourself and teammates. Throughout the course of the season we saw what we needed to execute to be successful as a team. We started to find a way to bring that consistently and were confident in the group we had to give ourselves a chance at the trophy.

With the season you had most expect that it will be difficult for Rungsted to keep you in the folds. Have you given any thought to where you could see yourself playing next season.

With everything going on worldwide right now the future is very uncertain. I’ll I can say is that I really enjoyed my time with a Rungsted sweater on. Lastly I just want to say thank you to all the supporters, fans, staff, teammates and anyone who helped the club. I hope everyone can stay safe through this difficult time.


ÈT ÅR SIDEN I DAG CHL: To Rungsted-spillere med i toppen af "istid" i sæsonen