Ovenpå gårsdagens kæmpe udmelding at Charlie Sarault har signede hos Rungsted Seier Capital, og also atter vil være at finde i trøje nummer 57 den kommende sæson, har RSC Medie Team naturligvis hentet et par dugfriske kommentar hos fan favoritten.

Hey Charlie. We as Rungsted fans have really been spoiled this week. First the the news monday, that Shane Hanna from last season is back again this season, and then, possibly the only news that could top that. Charlie Sarault is back with the defending Danish Champions. When did you know that you would like to come back to Rungsted, and when did you and the team agree that this was going to be a go?
Rungsted and I have been in touch for a while. Not only with the management but some of the players as well. I made a lot of good friends on our championship team, many who I stayed in touch with over the year. Obviously with everything going on around the world right now I wanted to take my time to make a decision to where I was going. Once things had settled a little though, my agent and I came to a conclusion that Denmark would be a good spot for me to head back to. A country who is doing well in the Covid situation, a place I am familiar with, players and management who have proven they want to win and obviously some of the best fans around. So the choice became obvious towards the end of the summer.
I have to ask Charlie. Coming back, after your first season which absolutely tremendous will likely put a ton of pressure on you, not only from the club but possibly even more from the fans. What are your thoughts on that?
Obviously the year I had with Rungsted was one written right out of fairy tale novel. I would be naive to think that things will happen exactly the way they did before but I can promise the people of Rungsted, including my teammates and management that I will put all the work and effort that needs to be put in to have another championship year. From what I have seen we certainly have the horses to do it. As for the pressure, I think anytime you step on that ice there is pressure regardless of what your role is on the team. As a professional hockey player you need to be able to deal with it as best as you can. So in my case I will just keep my head down work hard and play the game I love to the best of my abilities, and hopefully that will be the same exciting hockey we were able to give Rungsted fans just over a year ago.
You know you are a fan favourite here in Rungsted, what does it mean for you to be returning to the team that you were so such an instrumental part of winning the double with.
Im very excited to be back in Denmark, it is such a beautiful country. I loved every second of my experience there last time and I hope I can make it just as good this time around. I can’t wait to slip on that number 57 jersey once again for the red white and blue in front of are great fan base.
The club, the sponsors and probably most af all the fans are looking forward to seeing back in the 57 jersey. Stay safe