Vanen tro har RSC medie team haft hurtigt fat i den nyeste signing, nemlig den speedy Amerikaner, Alex Wideman.

Hey Alex first off welcome to Rungsted, and thanks for taking time to answer a couple of quick questions. You are joining Rungsted after a season in the Del 2. What was instrumental in your decision to join Rungsted?

What stood out to me the most when talking to Morten and Thomas was the dedication and commitment to wanting to win a championship. Ultimately that is our goal and I look forward to helping the team to accomplish that.

It has for you, as all others, been a very long offseason. How have you coped with the Corona crises and how has it affected you and your family?

It’s been a crazy last 5 months. I always try and turn things into a positive,  and for me that was, that I was able to spend a lot more time with my family than I usually am able to. Although it has been a tough time for everyone it has gotten better slowly.

How would you describe yourself as a player? and what can the fans in Rungsted, look forward to when you hit the ice?

As a player I like to consider myself an offensive threat. I am not overly big but am able to use my body to an advantage with my speed and quickness. Puck possession and poise on the power play are my strongest assets. Fans can look forward to someone who cares about winning and that works hard till the final second.

How much do you know about the Danish Metalliga and what are your expectations for the coming season?

I don’t know much about the Danish Metalliga but have heard good things about it through mutual friends. My expectations this year are to win and have fun. Those are the most important things to me.

You have an older brother who after a number of season in the nhl, is playing in the KHL this season. How has having an only 2 year older brother helped you hockeywise?

Having an older brother that played in the nhl was awesome. The hard work and dedication to make it wasn’t easy but it really was fun to be a part of and I know how well prepared he is for each season.

Morten Jensen: Det var vigtigt for mig at komme tilbage til nogle kendte rammer JENSEN kommer retur